Port Saint Lucie's Cleanest Windows: The Best Temperature for Washing Outside Windows

As a homeowner or professional window cleaner, achieving streak-free and spotless windows is essential. However, the temperature of the water you use can significantly impact your results. That's why it's crucial to understand the best temperature for washing outside windows. If you're searching for "window cleaning near me" or "window cleaners near me" in Port Saint Lucie, look no further. Port Saint Lucie's Cleanest Windows is here to share some valuable insights on this topic.

The Ideal Temperature for Washing Outside Windows

To achieve the best results, the ideal temperature for washing outside windows is between 40°F and 70°F. At this temperature range, the water and cleaning solution evaporate slowly, providing ample time for the cleaning solution to dissolve dirt and grime without leaving streaks or spots.

Effects of Using Hot Water on Windows

Using hot water to clean windows may seem like a good idea for tough stains or grime. However, hot water can cause the glass to expand, leading to cracks or breakage. Additionally, hot water can cause the cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly, leaving streaks and residue on the windows.

Effects of Using Cold Water on Windows

Using cold water to clean windows can also be problematic. Cold water can cause the cleaning solution to freeze, resulting in residue on the windows. Moreover, the cleaning solution may not dissolve as well in cold water, leading to a less effective cleaning process.

Tips for Washing Windows in Different Weather Conditions

When washing windows, it's crucial to consider the weather conditions. Here are some tips for washing windows in different weather conditions:

Sunny weather: Avoid washing windows in direct sunlight to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating too quickly and leaving streaks.

Rainy weather: Avoid washing windows during rainy weather, as rainwater can cause streaks and spots on the windows.

Cold weather: If washing windows in cold weather, use lukewarm water and ensure that the cleaning solution is thoroughly dissolved.

Windy weather: Avoid washing windows on windy days, as the cleaning solution can blow around and leave streaks.

Importance of Using Proper Equipment for Window Cleaning

Using the proper equipment is essential for achieving the best results when washing windows. Here are some essential equipment you'll need for window cleaning:

Window cleaning solution: Choose a cleaning solution specifically designed for windows to achieve the best results.

Squeegee: A squeegee is a crucial tool for window cleaning, as it helps to remove excess water and cleaning solution from the windows.

Bucket: Use a bucket to hold your cleaning solution and water.

Microfiber cloth: A microfiber cloth is useful for wiping down the edges and corners of the windows.

Safety Precautions When Washing Windows

Washing windows can be a dangerous task, especially when dealing with high windows. Here are some safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Use a sturdy ladder or platform to reach high windows.
  • Wear non-slip shoes or boots to avoid slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Use protective eyewear and gloves when handling cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid washing windows during windy weather to reduce the risk of falling.


In conclusion, the best temperature for washing outside windows is between 40°F and 70°F. When washing windows, consider the weather conditions, use proper equipment, and prioritize safety. At Floridas Cleanest Windows, we offer top-quality window cleaning services to our clients. Contact us today for a streak-free and spotless finish on your outside windows.